Bye Bye Conscious World

by Shelly

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recorded at My Basement™


released May 12, 2016

thank you Riley Bohr for saxophone on tracks 3 and 7

thank you Riley Bohr for extra vocals on track 6

thank you Austin Stawowczyk for extra vocals on tracks 7 and 9

thank you Alex Sorenson for letting me use your drum kit

thank you Elaina Spencer for the killer album artwork

thank you for listening to my song



all rights reserved


Shelly Riverview, Michigan

im shelly


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Track Name: Personal Belonging
blood is dripping out my nose
neck bent back i strike a pose
veins all sandy from the sun
scratching almost anyone

i thought the pause would be enough

cortney struck a mine of gold
truck left open, she was old
mars is on my radio
late night on your patio

always remember the height of the summer
Track Name: More Than Ordinary
1. i can see a mirror in your phone
2. i can hear it in the words you groan
3. was it something that i said today?
4. are we ever gonna be ok?

because i've never been more than ordinary.
you look at me, and what do you see?
a wire unwound, shaking confidently.
i'll never be satisfied with the lie.

5. i'm not feeling like myself today
6. theres something i never got to say
7. this is not an insult taking place
8. i just want to believe that you'll stay

(move on)
Track Name: Worthy
the tiles on the wall feel cold on my head
maybe they can cool the pillows in my bed
i dont know
i'm sleeping in the shower again

phasing through the border seemed good for me
then again the stuff i can't hear or see it scares me
Track Name: Tilt-A-Whirl
buddy boy, what do you say?
i wanna take another spin inside of my head again
girly girl, looking at me: please look away
this is what being like this does

untitle myself again
a show of hands, a one night stand
breathe me in and throw me out
a purple crayon, a big big band
sentencing my apathy
it feels so right, i'm up all night
angels are not made of steel
they don't melt or balance on four wheels
Track Name: End of His Life
at the end of his life, oh
i won't know what to do anymore
at the end of his life, oh
i'll bring a basket of bones for him alone that he can take when he's gone

at the end of his life, yeah
i'll be too scared to take him away
he can go peacefully with the mother he always knew
a fate he can chew
his brother will cry all alone
Track Name: Guess
looking back i can't believe all the things i said i didn't mean
can you remind me
first come, first served
last in line, lasting impressions
words that float out of my throat
come in clear but never flow

i'm always crying on my birthday so let me get a word in
heres goes nothing:
stop taking pity on me
stop talking like i'm only seventeen
i'm your single lasting burden

i'm drinking water for now, and how

saving time on my design
Track Name: Play
take a pill and stick it in your pocket, save it for the weekend
don't let donny tell you that it's all true
don't fight back just keep it in your tool belt, no one has to notice
timings everything, wait another hour

on and off i'm switching through the lightpost
changing up the fever, never felt better
clock hands shifting, tracing out a circle
get it right on target

make up on and running out the front door
catching all the rocks that fly into the windshield
maybe we can get it better next time
do a little test before we go
Track Name: Antecedent
oh riding bell, play on play on
the song you sing is beautiful

ring me in, uncertainty
i hear your call
i am set free
Track Name: Heat
that time again
harvest and tend
just simply satisfy yourself today
you wont be able to come back anyway

when no ones looking
hide away to scream "i dont know"
spill it on the floor
don't care anymore

i can feel the heat of your body now
towering defeat lingers then and now
cop the jacket before you take a sip
the markers on your lip

rain falling again in the summertime
paddle through the storm, 'til we reach its eye
take me for a walk
i dont want to know whats on your mind tonight